SAN-CLIN-EQ Bioequivalence Laboratory is an ISO 17025 accredited laboratory in Indonesia providing services to pharmaceutical industries in bioavailability and bioequivalence studies. Located in Cimahi, West Java, our laboratory has integrated clinical and analytical sites. Our facilities are managed to meet the regulatory requirements, and our analytical & clinical teams offer the innovative technologies, experties, flexibility, and rapid assay, which conforms to Good Clinical Practice and Good Laboratory Practice Requirements.

SAN-CLIN-EQ Bioequivalence Laboratory was established in September 2005. The inception of this laboratory is started in 1986, under Biopharmacy Section in Research & Development Department of PT. SANBE FARMA. Through incessant research and innovation, this company is dedicated to find out whether the bioavailability of a product is equivalent or not to that the innovator's product.

In February 2010, we have moved to a new location, on 1st floor of Research and Development Building, dedicated for bioequivalence studies and clinical trials, completed with sophisticated and integrated clinical and analytical facilities. Our professional staff and investigator team will continue to provide the highest standard for conducting bioequivalence study.

At our new location, we have recently upgraded our facilities to allow greater subjects convinience during study, and to anticipate the increasing number of bioequivalence study performed in our laboratory.