Drs. Jahja Santoso
President Commisioner
of PT Sanbe Farma
Dear Global Partner

Welcome to Sanbe to share our passion to win and to be your Global Partner for Global Health.

Yes, we can not do it alone. No one person or one company can ever do it by themselves alone. But together, we can join hands to make this world a better place to live. Let us together make a difference in our own small way. The challenges are immense and so are the opportunities. But we have the indomitable spirit to go beyond with your partnership to provide quality health through quality products globally. Let us make things happen. Hope the foregoing pages would tell you more about us, who we are, what we do and our various operations.

Sanbe Farma was founded in 1975. As of now after more than three decades since inception, we are the largest pharmaceutical manufacturers in Indonesia and according the recent IMS Report, we rank highest among all the Pharmaceutical Manufacturers in Indonesia including Multinational Companies. Out of top 10 products ethically prescribed, 4 products are from Sanbe. Our market coverage in Indonesia includes more than 37,000 Doctors served by 1,000 Medical Representatives, through our associate’s net-work of 1,100 Sales persons, 35 depots, 60 sub-depots and our corporate work force consisting 8,000 personnel. Our eight manufacturing facilities in Indonesia are cGMP approved plants as per the International Standards. Our sterile preparations unit (LVPs & SVPs) is the first in South East Asia with State-of-the-Art manufacturing equipment and technology from US and Europe and PIC(S) & TGA, Australia compliant.

Our international operations in 20 countries are set to make substantial contribution to the global healthcare. Our international operations cover not only export of our formulations to various developing and under developed countries, but also seek partnerships and alliances from and to developed and regulated markets such as North America and Europe with an aim to put Sanbe Farma on the global map to supply Generic and specialty formulations not only for Indonesia but also to the rest of the world. We are also looking for new acquisitions in potential markets to make our products globally available at affordable prices.

Our propinquity to invest in profitable and strategic ventures would encourage potential and strategic companies to partner with us for mutual benefit not only for generic formulations but also for New Drug Delivery Systems (NDDs), New Chemical Entities (NCEs) and Biosimilar products.

We are committed to strive for continued achievement to provide quality products for quality health through our sincere endeavor to become global generic pharmaceutical manufacturer from Indonesia in the days to come.

With best regards,
Drs. Jahja Santoso, Pharmacist
President Commissioner